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Title : Mr. Lee - Rock Cycle rap
Description : A song for my sixth graders about the rock cycle, sung to the tune of "Still Fly" by Page featuring Drake.

Rock cycle
Round and round
Like the wheels on the bus rolling over the ground
Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, for sure it's
Fun just like it sounds
Sedimentary rocks are made
When three things happen over many days
Deposition, compaction, cementation
Makes them form ok, ok

(Verse 1)
I know there's more exciting things than rocks
Like chillin' with your friends or playing Xbox
But I bet that you gon' see it on the MSA
Hear me out, listen to what I'm about to say
Igneous rocks form when volcanos erupt
Because when the lava finally gets cool enough
The molten material begins to harden
And igneous rocks are formed, ballin'
Formed underground means intrusive
Formed above ground means extrusive
This song is so nice not abusive
Rocks everywhere they not elusive
Second type is sedimentary
Big words like this sound so scary
Ha, but there's no need to be scared
Just remember that these rocks have a lot of layers


(Verse 2)
Each layer is made up of sediment
Which is soil, small rocks, and whatever man
And it was all laid down by deposition
At the bottom of a river then collision
The layers get pressed together by
compaction, there's just so much action
and I'm askin for you to know
that the top layers push down on the ones below
Cementation yeah glues it all together
sediment that's stuck together is just so much better
And if you lucky you might discover some fossils
They even older than the food be at McDonald's
Clap your hands, we have sedimentary rock
But there's a third type and I hope that you haven't forgot
Metamorphic rocks are made with heat and pressure
Let me sing it to you, "heat and pressure"


Maryland Indicator 2.A.4. Differentiate among sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks based upon the processes by which they are formed.
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