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Title : Mr(s) Hyde (Beat by Jax Killaton) at DaBunnyBurrow
Description : The original track @JaxKillaton

But, but life is short, right?
Dont, dont, dontcha have to do what you have do to get noticed?
So, uh, how many sides you got though?
Lemme cheat.. Lemme see!
You, you a circle?
Or maybe a triangle?
Heeheeheehee, a star?
Oh! Well, by Job I think I've got it!
A square!
Ya foursided ass motherfucker!
Thought I wasn't gonna notice?
I'm nerdy too!
Nerdy, nerdy, nerdy
Hmm, HaHa

Remember the tale I told you last time?
Made sure I did the best I could by making things rhyme.
Sure I got a lotta bit o' crazy
But it's only because my thoughts are hazy
No, it has nothing to do with being lazy
You know, my grandpa's name was Casey?
That has nothing to do with this, Norma
What the fuck?
This is how you always press your luck
Aww shucks
Didn't mean to do that again
Always messing things up when trying to make friends
You guys are my friends though right?
If not, it's cool
I'll just sit here nd wipe my tears nd drool
Not really
I'll just sharpen up my needle
Mutter to myself as my fingertips steeple
Gotta formulate a plan to befriend the Punkin Patch
So we can become some what attached

Tell me how you see me
Or you don't really know
I like to tell stories
And turn lies into gold

Gold? I love gold.
Naw for reals, I love silver though
You know cause of the moon
Dang, I always end up talking about the moon
The moon? The moon!

I'm one of two ways
This is not a fucken phase
Everything I'm telling you will never sound the same
I'm white or I'm black
Lemme dig up other facts
Felines over canines but I don't own any cats
I used to roam the streets all over Boys Town
Knew all the degenerates and loads of different clowns
Prey on the innocent while claiming the same
Oh, and don't forget to change your fucken name
Made sure I always wore a smile
While I hopped and skipped those miles
Carrying my heavy bag of tricks nd treats all the while
Ya seen my black persona then
Yet I'd change when I turned the bend
Thought you knew me that was then
But I'm white inside
Wanna be my friend

Tell me how you see me
Or you don't really know
I like to tell stories
They never get too old

Old? I knew this guy, he was really old
He was always like
"Come here, Nina
come sit on my lap
let my dick give you a little slap on the ass"
What the fuck kinda of class was that?
Old ass man, ugh

Obviously, I always aim to please
Whether it's to give a meal or kick in yo knees
But if you don't give me correction attention
I'll concoct a potion using only mal-intentions
That way when you're hungry I'll feed it to you
With a smile while I lie about this deadbody stew
Cause it's a dog eat dog world mothafucka
Got cooking in my genes via strega grandmotha
Living a dual life does create much strife
But that's the way it be sometimes when you feed off limelight
And throughout all this I'm the one, BeeKeeper
Got honey on my hands, for the handshake so I can keep you

Tell me how you see me
Or you don't really know
I like to tell stories
They balance high and lows

Tell me how you see
Or you don't really know
I like to tell stories
So, lemme in your door
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